Artist Journey: Maike Plenzke

23 July 2019

Berlin-based illustrator Maike Plenzke was fascinated by books and comics from an early age, dreaming of conveying the emotions she got while reading as a kid through her own art. Since joining Bright in 2017, Maike has taken the illustration world by storm! A shining star in the realm of middle grade book covers, Maike’s art now inspires a new generation of readers to pick up a story and fall in love with it. We caught up with Maike about what inspired her to become an illustrator and her unique creative process behind bringing a book cover to life.

June '19 Rights Report

30 June 2019

Bright artists have been busy! Read about what they’ve been working on in June’s end of month Publishers Weekly Rights Report roundup, featuring new deals, upcoming titles, and more.

World Pride : Spotlight on Bright's LGBTQ+ family

29 June 2019

Millions of people came together in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots as New York hosted World Pride this weekend. In many parts of the world, and even here on American soil, we are still working on cultivating greater acceptance, understanding, and equal rights. Books and storytelling are one of our greatest tools to do this. As such, we couldn’t help but place a spotlight on Bright’s own LGBTQ+ family members who continue to create artwork that embraces all the colors of the rainbow!


19 June 2019

Happy 50th anniversary of LGBTQ+ Pride Month! In recognition of the 1969 Stonewall riots, joyous celebrations ring around the world during the month of June to recognize the impact of the LGBTQ+ community. Inclusive children’s books are incredibly important in that they have the power to be a reflection of a child’s own identity and experiences—granting the young reader a chance to see themselves and the world they live in on the page. Illustrated by Anne Passchier, Rainbow: A First Book of Pride celebrates pride in a colorful reveal of the meaning behind each stripe of the rainbow flag. We thought it was the perfect time to catch up with Anne on the magic behind the page!


18 June 2019

Rosie Butcher is a children’s book illustrator living and working in East Yorkshire. Always an avid reader, Rosie grew up surrounded by books of all kinds and began writing, drawing, and imagining her own little worlds at an early age. Now a seasoned Bright artist, Rosie joined the agency in the summer of 2012 and has been on the rise ever since! We thought it was high time to shine a light on Rosie’s star achievements over this past year, so we were delighted to chat with her for an inside look at the inspiration and creative process behind illustrating There’s Only One You, and How Do You Care for a Very Sick Bear?

May '19 Rights Report

31 May 2019

Bright artists have been busy! Read about what they’ve been working on in May’s end of month Publishers Weekly Rights Report roundup, featuring new deals, upcoming titles, and more.

New Books Publishing this Spring at Bright

08 May 2019

Spring has officially sprung! Here at Bright, we chatted with the agents and took a look at the new and exciting titles hitting the shelf this season in our Spring 2019 Roundup. Below are some of the biggest books publishing from March through May, alongside agent commentary sharing what makes these projects so special.


03 May 2019

Written and illustrated by Bright artist Zoe Persico, Georgia’s Terrific, Colorific Experiment, published by Hachette/Running Press, is Zoe’s debut author/illustred picture book, which transforms science and art into an explosive, colorful tale of a science lover stuck in a family of artists. A master of gorgeous and unexpected color combinations, Zoe enchants the reader with rainbows, streaks, shapes, and swirls on every spread. We spoke with Zoe on the blog previously about the technique behind her unique color palettes, so we were excited to catch up for a peek behind the curtain into her inspiration, process and debut experience.


17 April 2019

Bright artist Maddie Frost is the author-illustrator of three books; her most recent creation, Wakey Birds, published earlier this month with Templar Publishing. We’ve spoken to Maddie on the blog previously about her unique style of digital collaging from found textures, which she scans and then assembles into colorful, geometric scenes and characters with a ton of personality. With the publication of Wakey Birds, we took the opportunity to catch up with Maddie about the process of writing AND illustrating, the evolution of her style, and the challenges she encountered with this project. As always, Maddie kept it refreshingly real, honest, and funny and gave us a sneak peek at the book’s earliest stages.

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