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Publishing this Month: August 2021

01 August 2021

Check back here each month to see what Bright reads are publishing! Miss July’s Publishing this Month blog? Click here to catch up on all the fun titles that hit shelves last month.


30 July 2021

We want to inspire the next generation of upstanders, and are proud to share a collection of Bright art celebrating all those with the courage and compassion to stand up for others and effect positive change.

Right's Report: July 2021

30 July 2021

Bright artists have been busy! Read about what they’ve been working on in July’s end of month Publishers Weekly rights report roundup, featuring new deals, upcoming titles, and more.

Artist Journey: Andrés Landazabal

29 July 2021

Seeing the world in color is the gift of a true artist, and Andrés Landazabal’s journey is marked by the lesson that the world around us is not simply black and white. Through childhood inspiration and his ability to read in-between the lines, Andrés has become an artist sure of his style and hopeful for the lessons his illustrations could teach. Enjoy!

Behind the Book: Stop That Poem

27 July 2021

Long have we awaited the publishing of Eric Ode’s Stop that Poem (Kane Miller) illustrated by Bright Artist Jieting Chen. With every turn of a page, invidual words pile to create a poem and tell the story of this poetic adventure. Chen’s illustrations not only capture the significance of young readers appreciating poetry, but also embody the truth that no matter who you are, your story is worth telling. We had the chance to hear from Jieting about the making of Stop that Poem, and the journey behind the scenes is just as wonderful as what’s inside the cover. Enjoy!

This week we've put together a sensational selection of our editorial artwork. Scroll on to see how our artists can help grab the reader's eye and illustrate your point... [![title](image_id:6295)]( [Nastka Drabot]( [![title](image_id:6296)]( [Nastka Drabot]( ![title](image_id:6297) [Kim Ekdahl]( // [Sam Prentice]( [![title](image_id:6298)]( [Nastka Drabot]( ![title](image_id:6299) [Kim Ekdahl]( // [Laylie Frazier]( [![title](image_id:6300)]( [Nancy Butterworth]( ![title](image_id:6301) [Hannah Clair]( // [Margarida Esteves]( [![title](image_id:6302)]( [Nancy Butterworth]( [![title](image_id:6303)]( [Gillian Blease ]( ![title](image_id:6304) [Fiona Powers]( // [Anna Kuptsova]( [![title](image_id:6305)]( [Gillian Blease]( --- The artists in this blog are represented by [Helen Biles]( for illustration. To work with these artists, please get in [touch]( You can see more from Bright Illustration [here](

22 July 2021

Hannah Clair // Margarida Esteves

June 2021 Right's Report

30 June 2021

Bright artists have been busy! Read about what they’ve been working on in June’s end of month Publishers Weekly rights report roundup, featuring new deals, upcoming titles, and more.

Pride Month 2021

30 June 2021

As Pride Month draws to a close, we’ve collected all the wonderful work our LBGTQIA+ artists have been creating to celebrate Pride. Art inspires and unites, much like the ethos and soul of Pride.

Artist Journey: Nabi H. Ali

21 June 2021

Bright Artist Nabi H. Ali gains inspiration from the world around him to create the soulful style he brings to art and children’s book illustration. Though he has had a complex journey of unlearning and reclaiming, it has also been one of self-discovery and love. As we continue to celebrate Pride, we sat down with Nabi to learn more about his journey as an artist, and also his take on the significance of this month. Nabi’s art sets him apart in colorful, unique ways, but his heart for the world to be a place where words are followed by actions calls us all to a higher standard.

Behind the Book: What Are Your Words?

15 June 2021

As we continue to celebrte Pride Month, What Are Your Words? (Little, Brown Books For Young Readers), has made a place for itself on young reader’s shelves. Since publishing last month, this title has sparked conversation of pronoun use among young people and adults alike. What Are Your Words? sets out to give children the confidence to embrace their identity and explore pronouns they feel represent them best. Bright Artist Anne (Andy) Passchier (they/them) personally resonates with the message of this book, and we had the chance to sit down with them to learn more about all that went into creating this book!

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