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Behind the Book: This Is Ruby

28 May 2021

Innovative and curious, Ruby sees the world through a childlike lens readers of all ages can learn from! This is Ruby (Tundra Books), illustrated by Bright Artist Alea Marley, hit shelves earlier this week and we celebrated by sitting down with Alea to hear about all the details behind this book. We hope you enjoy getting to know more about Ruby!

May 2021 Right's Report

26 May 2021

Bright artists have been busy! Read about what they’ve been working on in May’s end of month Publishers Weekly rights report roundup, featuring new deals, upcoming titles, and more.

Artist Journey: Howard Gray

20 May 2021

Between living in various countries, pursuing a fascination with animals through studying zoology, and growing up in a family of artists, Howard Gray’s journey has been nothing short of a wild ride! With an eye for the natural world, Howard takes a tradtional approach to his art, allowing readers to enter a scene they can easily picture as reality. We had the chance to sit down with Howard and hear more of his story. Exotic adventures and dolphin companions are just a few things that set apart this wonderful Bright Artist. Enjoy!

The Power of Pattern

17 May 2021

Bold, fun, clashing and colourful, we LOVE pattern here at Bright. If you are looking for new designs for gift wrap, stationery, fabric, apparel or homewares we have a huge range of statement prints available to license.

Publishing this Month: May 2021

01 May 2021

May is in full bloom and with a new month comes Bright reads we have been anxiously awaiting! Read along to see the titles hitting shelves this month, and the lovely art going along with them!

April 2021 Right's Report

30 April 2021

Bright artists have been busy! Read about what they’ve been working on in April’s end of month Publishers Weekly rights report roundup, featuring new deals, upcoming titles, and more.

Behind the Book: Afraid of the Light

27 April 2021

April has not only bloomed all things spring, but has triggered the beginning of re-entering the world after a year of holing up in our respective caves. We thought there was no better book to celebrate this month than Afraid of the Light (Bala Kids), a story we all (no matter how old) can resonate with as welcome change comes to the surface. We had the opportunity to chat with Bright Artist Flavia Sorrentino about her process in illustrating this book, and personal fears she has overcome. We hope you enjoy, and are inspired to get out of your comfort zone this spring!

Earth Day: Loving Our Planet Through Art

22 April 2021

This Earth Day, Bright Artists are sharing their thoughts on how they hope their art can cause a ripple effect of change to protect the earth and use its resources wisely. Earth day goes beyond the boundaries of one day a year, and our artists are committed to creating art that celebrates our vast universe. Through published titles or personal art, they are calling young readers to step up and leave their mark on Earth.

Agent Profile: Get to Know the Agents of Bright U.S.

12 April 2021

We are all about our artists here at Bright, but we thought it was high time for our agents to get some much deserved praise. The agents of Bright U.S. have cultivated a group of talented, set-apart illustrators with their eye for whimsy and detail. After many successful titles under their belt, our agents are sure of what they are looking for when it comes to taking on new artists or matchmaking story tellers from different ends of the industry. Here you will find a roster of our lovely agents, their art wishlists, and why they are the heartbeat of all that goes on at the Bright Agency.

Publishing this Month: April 2021

01 April 2021

Chocolate bunnies, egg hunts, tulips in bloom, poetry celebrated…all reasons to be excited that April has arrived! Read along to discover some new #BrightReads you have to look forward to this month!

Behind the Book Blog: Doggo and Pupper

30 March 2021

Doggo and Pupper (Macmillan) graced shelves last week, and has received much deserved praise. Bright Artist Charlie Alder’s “bark-out-loud illustrations” (School Library Journal) bring a human-like sincerity to three unlikely friends Dog, Pupper, and Cat. Nestled in her at-home studio over a cup of coffee, Alder brought this story to life through purposeful expressions and body language. We had the pleasure of learning about all it took to create this book with the one and only Charlie Alder!

Wonderful Words

30 March 2021

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes only words will do. Here is a collection of terrific typography from our artists wuth designs ranging from the celebration of new babies and birthdays to simply saying you are thinking of someone.

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