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Pride Month 2021

30 June 2021

As Pride Month draws to a close, we’ve collected all the wonderful work our LBGTQIA+ artists have been creating to celebrate Pride. Art inspires and unites, much like the ethos and soul of Pride.

Artist Journey: Nabi H. Ali

21 June 2021

Bright Artist Nabi H. Ali gains inspiration from the world around him to create the soulful style he brings to art and children’s book illustration. Though he has had a complex journey of unlearning and reclaiming, it has also been one of self-discovery and love. As we continue to celebrate Pride, we sat down with Nabi to learn more about his journey as an artist, and also his take on the significance of this month. Nabi’s art sets him apart in colorful, unique ways, but his heart for the world to be a place where words are followed by actions calls us all to a higher standard.

Father's Day

20 June 2021

Father’s Day is a day for celebrating and reflecting on the parental figures in our life that made us who we are. To celebrate, we’ve put together a collection of Father’s Day artwork for you to look at.

Behind the Book: What Are Your Words?

15 June 2021

As we continue to celebrte Pride Month, What Are Your Words? (Little, Brown Books For Young Readers), has made a place for itself on young reader’s shelves. Since publishing last month, this title has sparked conversation of pronoun use among young people and adults alike. What Are Your Words? sets out to give children the confidence to embrace their identity and explore pronouns they feel represent them best. Bright Artist Anne (Andy) Passchier (they/them) personally resonates with the message of this book, and we had the chance to sit down with them to learn more about all that went into creating this book!

Behind the Book: This Is Ruby

28 May 2021

Innovative and curious, Ruby sees the world through a childlike lens readers of all ages can learn from! This is Ruby (Tundra Books), illustrated by Bright Artist Alea Marley, hit shelves earlier this week and we celebrated by sitting down with Alea to hear about all the details behind this book. We hope you enjoy getting to know more about Ruby!

May 2021 Right's Report

26 May 2021

Bright artists have been busy! Read about what they’ve been working on in May’s end of month Publishers Weekly rights report roundup, featuring new deals, upcoming titles, and more.

Artist Journey: Howard Gray

20 May 2021

Between living in various countries, pursuing a fascination with animals through studying zoology, and growing up in a family of artists, Howard Gray’s journey has been nothing short of a wild ride! With an eye for the natural world, Howard takes a tradtional approach to his art, allowing readers to enter a scene they can easily picture as reality. We had the chance to sit down with Howard and hear more of his story. Exotic adventures and dolphin companions are just a few things that set apart this wonderful Bright Artist. Enjoy!

The Power of Pattern

17 May 2021

Bold, fun, clashing and colourful, we LOVE pattern here at Bright. If you are looking for new designs for gift wrap, stationery, fabric, apparel or homewares we have a huge range of statement prints available to license.

Publishing this Month: May 2021

01 May 2021

May is in full bloom and with a new month comes Bright reads we have been anxiously awaiting! Read along to see the titles hitting shelves this month, and the lovely art going along with them!

April 2021 Right's Report

30 April 2021

Bright artists have been busy! Read about what they’ve been working on in April’s end of month Publishers Weekly rights report roundup, featuring new deals, upcoming titles, and more.

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