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We are Bright.

Home to inspiring illustrators and authors.

What we do


Bright is a global agency that nurtures passionate, gifted artists and authors. You'll see their work everywhere: children's books, billboards, greetings cards, films... They're here to make a mark on the world, and our mission is to make it happen.

But enough about us. How can we help you? Maybe you want to commission a new piece of work; perhaps an animation or an advertising campaign? Perhaps you'd like to license something from our artists' portfolios? It's all here. We're ready when you are.

TV & Film just got Brighter

We're always taking artists into new areas, which also means working with big names on screen. When we see characters and styles with real potential, we look for every way we can to bring them to life.

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We do things the Bright way

Wouldn't the world be dull without creative people? That's what we believe. So our mission is simple: make their lives easier as they make the world a brighter place.

How we work

We go further for clients, so the work can too

Your agent will give your project everything. Sales matter. Awards matter. Success matters. They're experts in editorial, design and illustration, and are used to dealing with large, complex projects.

What we do

Representation with dedication

Creativity is our passion. For clients, we're an extension of your art department. For artists, we're your guardians. For the work, we're everything.

Meet the team

Working with The Bright Agency does not feel like working. Everything feels easy and always goes smoothly. Their team is extremely responsive and helpful, making sure that they understand our needs.

Marion Wegmueller - Swatch

Rocket Ahead

Empowering children for a brighter future

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