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Izzy lives in a little terraced house in rainy North London, where they pursue numerous interests Including; watching YouTube videos about molecular biology at 2 am, eating (accidentally) burnt toast and reading poetry.

They spent most of their childhood trying to avoid doing math homework by doodling unicorns in the margins of textbooks. Eventually deciding that if they were going to spend so much time drawing, it might be fun to try and do it for a living. Several crumpled sheets of paper and an illustration degree later, and they are still doing it. Though now they prefer to work on a computer rather than in the margins (there’s more space that way). And they have diversified from unicorns into lots of other things. Drawing inspiration from nature, mythology, and the multicultural history of their city to create their work. Some of which have even won awards. In the future, they aspire to have a studio in a little cottage in the country. Where they can keep chickens, grow potatoes, and write stories.

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2024 Rainbow Book List - Top 10 Books for Young Readers
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