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How Bright Artist Joshua Heinsz Finds Power in the Color Pink

03 May 2016

Raised on fairytales and cartoons, Joshua has a love for bright and whimsical imagery, his work combines a flair for the fantastical and an air of nostalgia. He received his BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design where he was the two-term president of a social sorority. He then went on to receive his MFA in Illustration Practice at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Currently residing in Chicago, IL, Joshua spends his time between illustrating, daylighting as a college professor and a fitness instructor, and avoiding the cold. He joined Bright earlier in 2016 and has been honing his portfolio since.

Yasmeen Ismail Embraces Diversity & Strong Female Characters in One Word from Sophia

10 March 2016

Since publishing with Simon & Schuster/Atheneum Books for Young Readers in June 2015, Yasmeen Ismail‘s illustrations in One Word from Sophia have garnered enormous praise. Librarians, parents, book reviewers and young readers alike have invited outspoken Sophia onto their bookshelves and into their hearts. Her popularity has helped to ignite an important conversation: Sophia is a strong, intelligent female character of color and she has too few peers in picture books.

Meet Jarvis! En Route to Publishing Rockstardom

23 February 2016

Combining mixed media illustrations with witty storylines, Jarvis’s sense of humour has now travelled much further than his studio — we catch up with Jarvis on the international success his books have gained in the last few years, and where it all started.

Maddie Frost Takes Us Into Her Magical World of “Scanned Textures”

19 February 2016

To look at one of Maddie Frost’s illustrations is to immediately wonder, “How did she make something so texturally complex look so gorgeously simple and accessible?” Her work is a triumph of composition, of thoughtfulness, of ingenuity. It was a delight to speak with her about her process in creating what we’ve termed, “scanned textures.” (Because, after all, every texture you see in her illustrations has been scanned–and often created–by hand in her New Hampshire studio.) From socks to sweaters to watercolor to, yes, even oatmeal, Maddie has seemingly scanned it all. And aren’t we thankful for that.

Arabella Stein joins Bright Group International

19 February 2016

Bright Group International, founded in 2003 by Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, set out to be a pioneering agency that prioritised the creative needs as well as the legal and financial offerings of a standard agency. Bright has since grown into one of the most forward thinking talent management agencies with exceptional results in the last 12 years, now managing artists including Benji Davies, Sue Hendra and Yasmeen Ismail, to name a few.

A Day in the Life of Ben Mantle

28 November 2014

Merging traditional and digital mediums to develop his style, he’s established a look that perfectly defines a classic yet contemporary feel: soulful, engaging and modern. Here we take a look at his range of work from debut publication to more recent projects, and talk to Ben about how he technique and inspiration.

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