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last updated 24 November 2021


Turkey day is upon us, and this time of year has the Bright team reflecting on all we are thankful for from the past year. New and old artists brought stories to life all year long, and we found ourselves seemlingly on the other side of the troubles brought from the year before. To mark November’s end, we asked a few artists what they are thankful for, and they responded with lovely sentiments and even some festive artwork! No matter where you’re celebrating, or who you may be celebrating with, we wish you a healthy, happy, and full-belly holiday!

Artwork by Annie Cron


“This year I am especially grateful to have joined the Bright Agency. I love being represented by them and I appreciate their feedback and continuous support to my growth as an artist. And of course, I am grateful for all the projects I have been working on for wonderful clients!” - Bright Artist Maria Mola


Prepping in the kitchen artwork by Ginnie Hsu


“I feel blessed and so grateful for all the years I could give and receive so much love, joy, and fellowship from a lovely four-legged little friend. I am sure she is scratching everything she sees in cat heaven right now!” - Bright Artist Flavio Remontti


“It’s been a challenging year for me personally, but because of that I’ve felt especially grateful for even small things - my cats’ beautiful eyes, the way the sunlight hits the walls in the morning, a new leaf on my plant. My pets and friends and family are more precious to me than ever. And I’m so thankful to be able to make a living creating art, and to Bright for helping me do that.” - Bright Artist Kristina Swarner

Jeff Crowther

Thanksgiving pies by Jeff Crowther


“I’m so grateful for the team at Bright for seeing something special in my work and especially for my brilliant agent Anne – she has a knack for looking at one of my pieces and zeroing in with laser-like precision on the tweaks that will make it tell an even richer story. For this piece I wanted to tell the story of the power of food. Especially at this time of year food traditions connect us to each other, but also to the past and people we’ve lost.” - Bright Artist Annie Cron


“I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to join Bright this year. Every single person I’ve interacted with has been an absolute gem - both the agents and staff and the incredible artists I’ve connected with online. I’m still turning cartwheels and honored to be repped by the best in the biz. Flower crowns and trophies for everyone at The Bright Agency!” - Bright Artist Kaly Quarles

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