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Mark Chambers: Art is NEVER the Easy Option

06 September 2017

It’s important to know that art isn’t an easy option — it’s incredibly competitive, it can be lonely, and it takes energy and time to develop your style. The great masters had to keep developing, and an artist — just like a sportsman, has to practice and hone his or her skills on a daily basis.

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In Bloom with Fiona Woodcock and 'Book Lover Jo'

22 August 2017

Jo recently reviewed Poppy and the Blooms, Fiona Woodcock’s newly published and much anticipated second picture book. In turn Fiona has written a feature for Jo on the making of Poppy, which we are delighted to be able to share here:

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The Art of Illustration in Education

18 July 2017

You’d be right to associate The Bright Agency with picture books. We work with top authors and illustrators on a global scale, working with the best publishing houses in children’s books, both UK and beyond.

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The Annual Bright Artists Picnic 2017!

11 July 2017

This year we were blessed with glorious weather, perfect for a very serious game of rounders, umpired by our man of the match, James Burns, who flew over with Anne Moore-Armstrong from the states, something we look forward to each summertime.

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The AOI: Investing in Illustration

13 June 2017

The Association of Illustrators (AOI) was set up as the trade association for illustration to be a voice for illustrators, protecting their rights and interests. They campaign for the professional and ethical standards within the illustration industry with an aim to promote and improve the standing of illustration as a profession.

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Jarvis Wins V&A Award 2017!

12 May 2017

Alan is big and scary… Those teeth. Although — things in the jungle aren’t quite what they seem and the plot twist is so joyous, you will be rolling around laughing along with your children. The wonderful thing, and the triumph of this award, is the story behind the book — that all in fact was nearly lost with Alan, when only days before giving the final artwork to his publisher at Walker Books, Jarvis’ studio was burgled.

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Why Rights and Royalties Matter

30 March 2017

Bright’s Contracts Manager Sandra Tharumalingam Willmer is excited about the rights and royalties opportunities Bright artists have, and the evolving changes within the publishing industry for authors and illustrators.

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