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META’s Artificial Intelligence Model: How to have your artwork removed from AI training

last updated 24 May 2024

Many of you will have received a notification in your Instagram (from META), if your account is set to personal. At present, we are keeping tabs on META’s use of ‘Business’ accounts.

Click on the notification from META to begin.


To strike down your work from being used, please click on the link highlighted: “Right to object”.


This will link you to a page called “Object to your information being used for AI at Meta”


Scroll down and there are 2 text fields. Input the following (or a variation of such):

Question 1: Please tell us how this processing impacts you.

My pages are used as a portfolio to showcase my art and the agency that represents me. Any AI training on this page (and by association the possibility of achieving an artistic style but circumventing myself or my agenct) serves in direct threat to mine and my agency’s business operation and employment.

Question 2: Please provide any additional information that could help us review your objection.

Selling and creating unique artwork is an artistic and career pursuit. I work in competitive industries that would be negatively disrupted by automated counterfeiting services built into the same platform that I use to advertise my work on.

Once you have done this, it shouldn’t be long before you get a notification letting you know that you’ve been successful. It is imperative we do this to keep our artists and their livelihoods safe.

Please let me know if you have any other questions here.

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