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30 July 2021

We want to inspire the next generation of upstanders, and are proud to share a collection of Bright art celebrating all those with the courage and compassion to stand up for others and effect positive change.

Artist Journey: Andrés Landazabal

30 July 2021

Seeing the world in color is the gift of a true artist, and Andrés Landazabal’s journey is marked by the lesson that the world around us is not simply black and white. Through childhood inspiration and his ability to read in-between the lines, Andrés has become an artist sure of his style and hopeful for the lessons his illustrations could teach. Enjoy!

Summer Sun

29 July 2021

Get in touch with Agent Jo Astles to enquire about any of these gorgeous sunny illustrations, or to receive a bespoke selection of new artwork.

Greetings and Gift: New Artwork from Bright

20 July 2021

Here is a selection of lovely new artwork Bright artists have been working on this month. If you would like to licence any news designs or have any briefs you need fulfilling please get in touch here.

Be Kind To Your Mind

15 July 2021

Our minds are phenomenal but, much like our bodies, they need the opportunity to relax and rest. By being mindful and observing our emotions, our successes and our stressors, we help our mind process and heal.

Artist Focus: Nastka Drabot

15 July 2021

Nastka is a Polish illustrator and graphic designer who is known for her striking vector illustrations. Her recent clients include Vogue Poland and Serif. Nastka’s eye-catching style is influenced by her background in architectural engineering and her love of contrasting colours.

Process & Pictures: Debby Rahmalia

15 July 2021

As part of representing artists, we don’t just sit back and wait for new artwork to roll in! Educational Agent Lucie Luddington works with artists on developmental briefs to design new characters, evolve their styles and expand their portfolios.

New Narratives

14 July 2021

At Bright we believe that your gender should not define your narrative. The stories that we tell the next generation should transcend the tired and damaging stereotypes of old. We want to empower young people to explore, create and play with total abandon, however they identify.

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