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Fantastic Friendships

last updated 31 August 2021

The most wonderful relationships bring with them unforgettable adventure and memories. This month, we’re sharing a collection of art that opens a window into a wide array of fantastic friendships full of that wonder and joy.

title Jennie Poh

title Karl James Mountford

title Matt Hunt

title Fred Blunt

title Sebastien Braun

title Beatrice Blue

title Marta Kissi

title Ben Mantle

title Nicola O’Byrne

title Jacqui Lee

title Victoria Ball

title Angel Chang

title Diane Ewen

title Sarah Jennings

title Holly Sterling

title Rosie Butcher

title Dan Widdowson

title Nia Gould

title Simone Fumagalli

title Alex G Griffiths

title Juliana Oakley

title Izzy Evans

title Lexie Mac

title Alice Caldarella

title Chloe Dominique

title Nancy Leschnikoff

title Shana Nieberg-Suschitzky alias Shanarama

title Amy Jindra

title Katie Rewse

title Sammi Tsai

To work with any of these amazing artists, get in contact with Susan Penny at the link here.

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