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Rosie Butcher

I am a March baby, (born in 1989), in East Yorkshire- where I currently live and work. I grew up surrounded by books of all kinds and always loved reading. My mother, who is an avid reader and handed down lots of her childhood books to me, encouraged me to read. I dreamed of drawing the pictures in children’s books ever since I was very young.

My two great passions growing up and at school were art and history. When I finished my A Levels I was quite sad to leave the subject of History behind to pursue higher education in Art, but I never stopped learning about the subject and it continues to be a great inspiration to me.

I specialised in illustration and completed my BA (Hons) in the subject in summer, 2011. I learnt a variety of skills on my degree and I like to work in a number of mediums. My favourite traditional materials are watercolours and pastels, when I work digitally I use Corel Painter exclusively and I like to work on very few layers (I prefer to draw and create on screen as I would on paper).

I have been spending time in Sweden in the summer time for many years; I play with my two young brothers and sister and explore the many quiet forests with my partner. We have a wonderful time there and I come back with my head full of plans and ideas for pictures.

As well as our Swedish summer, my illustrations and working habits are also influenced by history, historical figures and scientific phenomenon; particularly Astronomy, I also get a great deal of inspiration from music, film and live performance. I am a frequent visitor to the theatre, and I find the circus to be the most enchanting spectacle.

I am extremely dedicated to children’s illustration, and I spend all my time exploring it, and developing my own skills. I love the way a children’s book can influence a child (and more often than not, an adult). I also think it is important to try to think like a child would as I derive so much inspiration from the adventures of these little beings, and the belief in magic.

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