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Neda Kazemifar

Neda Kazemifar is a passionate artist from Iran who now calls the United States home. Born and raised in Iran, Neda moved to the U.S. in 2013. She studied fine art in Tehran, where she fell in love with the magic of colors and their ability to evoke different emotions.

Neda’s artistic journey led her to become a color artist for graphic novels and comic books. Her talent in creating vibrant and mood-setting illustrations earned her the NYSCA Award in 2023 for a picture book inspired by her grandmother’s life.

Neda’s creativity doesn’t stop there. She enjoys bringing characters to life through puppetry, designing whimsical puppets for various shows. Her work has added a touch of magic to well-known performances.

In every stroke of her brush and puppets she creates, Neda shares stories that touch the heart. Neda continues to bring joy color and life to the world around her.

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