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Luna Willems

Luna Willems is a freelance illustrator living in the quaint city of Ghent, Belgium.

Her head ever in the clouds, Luna grew up entranced by the visual and written arts. A blossoming love for writing led her to pursue a master’s degree in German and English literature and linguistics at Ghent University, followed by a postgraduate degree in Computer-Assisted Language Mediation. During her studies she rediscovered her love for fairytales and medieval imagery, eventually devoting all of her free time to illustration.

Inspired by medieval manuscripts, golden age illustration and the preraphaelites, Luna has curated a whimsical, vibrant style that evokes the magic of old storybooks, allowing viewers a look into her Romantic (with capital R!) and perhaps slightly unsettling inner world.

When Luna is not illustrating, she is probably attempting to sew her own clothes, yelling about misconceptions surrounding the middle ages or cuddling her very round, very grumpy cat Brutus.

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