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Lucie was 8 years old when she decided that there was no better job in the world than illustrating picture books. She spent most of her childhood years painstakingly reproducing her favourite picture books on bits of scrap paper, finished with some crookedly placed staples along the spine.

After graduating with a degree in Illustration from the University of Lincoln in 2009, Lucie explored both Fine Art and Photography before returning to pursue her life-long dream of illustrating children’s books. She largely works digitally, but occasionally returns to her much-loved black tin of watercolours and box of coloured pencils.

Lucie’s work is inspired by nature, nostalgia and a huge helping of magic. She loves creating cute characters and has a soft spot for old library books and little details. When Lucie isn’t in her home studio in Yorkshire, England, you can find her sipping lattes in cosy coffee shops, jogging through the leafy suburbs with her headphones blaring, or exploring the Peak District with her husband and two small children in tow.

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