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When Howard was younger he was always content with a few sheets of paper and whatever else he could lay his hands upon to make his mark. Growing up, Howard was also captivated by animals and nature, a fascination probably fuelled by living in some interesting parts of the world as work took his parents from place to place.

Howard pursued Art throughout school but, after much deliberation, he decided to pursue a career in science; completing a BSc in Zoology and then a PhD in Arabian bottlenose dolphin genetics! This research took Howard to Oman where he worked with a team studying the amazing diversity of marine life in the Arabian region.

Now a doctor in genetics, Howard has returned to his dream career of becoming an illustrator. Howard’s work is predominantly digital, but invariably starts by putting pencil to paper. He works in Adobe Photoshop, for the most part, but is also comfortable in Illustrator. He loves to play around with textures and often incorporates watercolour washes or photos from his personal library.

These days, Howard lives in the picturesque city of Durham, where he enjoys eating cake and going for walks along the beach at Tynemouth to keep nature nearby.

Howard is represented by Robyn Newton — to work with Howard please email Amy Fitzgerald while Robyn is on maternity leave.

Border Crossings - Charlesbridge image
Border Crossings - Charlesbridge
World Illustration Awards 2021 - Longlisted image
World Illustration Awards 2021 - Longlisted
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