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Amanda Yoshida

As a child, captivated by the worlds found in her towering stack of picture books, Amanda Yoshida would regularly declare her career goal of becoming a professional illustrator to pretty much anyone willing to listen.

Her buzzing imagination meant that no receipt, Post-it, or restaurant napkin escaped her near-constant doodling. This also included all the blank sides of her kindergarten coloring assignments; as she saw it: What’s the point of coloring a picture that someone else already drew?

Eventually, she attended Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Los Angeles and went on to work for several years as a 3D artist and graphic designer. In 2016, she welcomed into the world a son who remains her constant source of inspiration and comic relief. Once again, picture books became part of her daily life, reigniting her childhood dream of creating them herself.

Now resettled in her home state of Oregon, Amanda delights in the beauty of nature and in her family’s dance parties every Wednesday night. When she’s not illustrating or playing with her energetic kiddo (aka – the “little spider monkey”), she enjoys connecting with her Asian and Irish heritage through art, storytelling, sushi and the occasional Irish Coffee.

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