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Adele Leyris

Adele is a Franco-English illustrator based in London. Inspired by nature and travel, Adele spends a while observing and researching her subjects before creating her final illustrations. She never leaves the house without a sketchbook whether it’s to draw the trendy people of East London or capture the brutality of Icelandic snowstorms. She treats each project as an adventure, an opportunity to become an explorer, an expert on a subject, injecting into her work her discoveries, and always striving to represent fresh and new perspectives. Her work is rooted in observational drawing and travel journalism, which can become anything from botanical compositions to landscapes and portraiture. But she particularly enjoys working on projects that are close to her values which are feminism, animal protection, diversity, and sustainable travel. She also has a passion for confronting antagonist notions such as using old and new techniques, like embroidery and augmented reality. Adele works with a variety of clients from branding to editorial, essentially using watercolour but enjoys experimenting as long as it is coherent with the project.

To work with Adele please email here and we will direct your enquiry to the relevant agent.

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