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ToyFair 2024

last updated 26 January 2024

What a wonderful week it has been at Toy Fair! We walked the halls of Kensington Olympia (London), talking to clients and seeing all the amazing things the industry has been up to. A beautiful space, beautiful work and the promise of an incredibly exciting 2024!


Armed with enthusiasm and brand-new portfolio sheets full of incredible art by our talented artists here at Bright, Ilaria was ready and eager to share all of the incredible new artworks.

“It’s so lovely to put faces to names and discuss new trends and possibilities with clients! Nothing feels better than the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that you represent such talented people - especially when clients say “You have such a good selection of artwork!” and I’m like… “I know!” - Ilaria Vigilante

title Puzzles by Victoria Ball

“We are looking for more puzzle images, and stand alone characters. To create characters for children’s toys you need to think like a child, children naturally love bright colours and characters they can relate to, however parents look for toys that will sit in their house. We were seeing more stylish toys appear in the mass market or the boutique toys now becoming more accessible, either way the market is certainly getting more stylish.

I also love that toys are moving toward being known as learning tools. As toys suggest they are ‘just for fun’ and learning of course is fun, but a 2 year old playing with a playset is a really important part of their learning journey. Toys suggest to parents that if they buy too many toys they are spoiling a child, whereas there are basic learning tools all children should have access to and play with. They help with fine motor skills, emotional development and problem solving. Finding the right Learning tools for your child also plays a part in every parent’s war with screen time.” - Vicki Willden-Lebrecht

title The buzz of activity at Toy Fair was electrifying.

“Conversations we had were really interesting, often the purpose of meetings merged into something else- with clients giving us their wish lists and challenges which offered up a lot of opportunities for our artists. Meetings face to face were just dreamy, creatively collaborative, and well worth it. We really are looking forward to offering solutions to some really exciting companies we met with.” - Vicki Willden-Lebrecht

title Victoria Ball for eeBoo | Lisa Hunt for Galt Toys in assosiation with The Natural History Museum

One of the most exciting parts of Trade shows is seeing all of our wonderful artists work in the wild.

“It’s a bit like spotting your favourite thing in a crowded place - a cute dog on the street, a cat at the window… and my artists’ fab work on the shelves! I can’t help but smile my widest smile when I see them” - Ilaria Vigilante

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