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Suzie Mason Climbs to #1 on NYT Children's Bestseller List

last updated 20 March 2018


It’s been an extraordinary month for Bright artist Suzie Mason! I’ve Loved You Since Forever (HarperCollins), written by Today Show host Hoda Kotb and featuring Suzie’s stunning illustrations, debuted March 6th to terrific fanfare. The poignant story of a parent’s unique love for their child has won over readers nationwide, and this week achieved the #1 spot on the New York Times Children’s Bestseller list (outranking Chelsea Clinton’s She Persisted and She Persisted Around the World!).


Hoda and fans Hoda takes a selfie with excited fans at a signing event. For parents and children alike, this book is a hit!

How Does One Approach Such a Poignant Manuscript?

When it comes to a book as personal as I’ve Loved You Since Forever, which Kotb wrote for her newly adopted daughter, creating illustrations that feel meaningful and convey the author’s specific emotions is no small feat!

Below, Suzie shares how she approached interpreting such a beautiful manuscript and turned it into the richly illustrated book we all know and love today…

“First things first is the text! The publishers sent over Hoda’s words, plus their ideas for what the spread might have in it, along with the specifications of the size of each page. Then it was time to read, re-read and read it again, to get the flow and feel for the book. To me this is particularly important when the book is a passion project like this - Hoda wrote it as a love story to her amazing adopted baby daughter, and I wanted to make sure I brought her words to life.


Being in England, I hadn’t ever seen the Today Show that Hoda presents, and didn’t know much about her or her daughter, so I took the opportunity to watch the videos made for the show about her adoption, and little Haley Joy. Watching those and then reading the words she wrote for her daughter made me cry!”

From sketches to final product, keep reading about Suzie’s process on her blog.

Celebrities Spread the I’ve Loved You Since Forever Love

Hoda’s dear friend Kelly Clarkson (who has written two picture books of her own, both illustrated by Bright artists) took the text from I’ve Loved You Since Forever” and set it to music.

And to see Suzie’s artwork come to life, watch as a star-studded roster of guest readers take part in reading I’ve Loved You Since Forever, complete with stunning animation.

The entire Bright team is so proud of Suzie and the success of this title. It was an inspired project from start to finish, and it’s incredibly fulfilling to see the book out in the world spreading illustrated messages of love.

To see more of Suzie Mason’s work, visit her artist profile or contact her agent, James Burns.

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