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Publishing this Month: March 2021

last updated 02 March 2021


Spring is on its way, and the much-anticipated sunshine will be welcomed by all of us here at Bright. Along with warmer days, new #BrightReads are hitting shelves this March and we are so excited for them to fill your homes. Enjoy!

Artwork by Hannah Li

Hair, Lax, Beach

What’s Silly Hair Day With No Hair?, illustrated by Camila Carrossine, written by Norene Paulson // March 1 with Albert Whitman

Laxmi’s Mooch, illustrated by Nabi H. Ali, written by Shelly Anand // March 2 with Penguin Random House

The Big Beach Cleanup, illustrated by Katie Rewse, written by Charlotte Offsay // March 1 with Albert Whitman

Light, Body, Belong

Afraid of The Light, illustrated by Flavia Sorrentino, written by Albert Strasser // March 2 with Bala Kids

We Listen to Our Bodies, illustrated by Isabel Munoz, written by Lydia Bowers // March 2 with Free Spirit Publishing

We Belong to Each Other, illustrated by Katie Rewse, written by Liz Marie Galvan // March 2 with Harper Collins

Lady, Enough, Doggo

The Lady of The Library, illustrated by Rachel Sanson, written by Angie Karcher // March 15 with Sleeping Bear Press

You Are Enough, illustrated by Sofia Cardoso, written by Margaret O’Hair // March 2 with Scholastic

Doggo and Pupper, illustrated by Charlie Alder, written by Katherine Applegate // March 23 with Macmillan

Mosque, Soup, Sisters

In My Mosque, illustrated by Hatem Aly, written by M.O. Yuksel // March 23 with Harper Collins

Ocean Soup: A Recipe For You, Me, and a Cleaner Sea, illustrated by Lucy Semple, written by Meeg Pincus // March 15 with Sleeping Bear Press

Game, Set, Sisters!, illustrated by Ebony Glenn, written by Jay Leslie // March 30 with Macmillan

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