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January Rights Report Roundup

last updated 31 January 2024

Welcome to the Rights Report Round-Up, where we round up all of the month’s new book deal announcements in Publisher’s Weekly and Publishers Marketplace that feature our brilliant Bright artists!

All following deals are from the month of January ‘24. To see all deals reported this month, click here.


“After a wonderful experience working with the Capstone team on THE KINDNESS BOOTH, Andreana and I are back to collaborate on WRITE HERE, WRITE NOW! I am so excited to see Andreana bring this story to life with her whimsical and colorful style. - Emily Fernandez.


“The art director chose Alexandra’s work, as “she has a whimsical style that lends itself to the story.” - Anne Moore Armstrong


“The editor of this book shared: “It has long been my dream to do a book with David Litchfield, so thank you for your help in making this happen!” I guess dreams really do come true!” - Anne Moore Armstrong


“It’s always a wonderful win-win when a seasoned editor like Lauri Hornik says she “adores Amy Jindra’s illustrations” and finds a text for her to illustrate by a bestselling author like Jean Reidy, so I’m delighted about this fresh collaboration!” - Anne Moore Armstrong


Lee excels in creating relatable families you want to return to again, and again — I can’t wait to see these books take shape and work their way into the regular nightly rotation!” - Susan Penny


Debby has imbued these these firsts and celebratory days with infectious warmth and colour - these books will be wonderful conversation starters for families.” - Susan Penny


Alexandra is a joy to work with and she excels in funny, sweet, lovable characters and story telling.” - Sarah Thomas


“‘Paul has such a magical quality to his work and I can’t wait to see how he brings Robin’s wonderful world to life” - Amy Fitzgerald


“Delighted that Holiday House is giving this bestselling, classic holiday book a fresh new look by Sarah Green.” - Anne Moore Armstrong


“I can’t wait to see Gordy visualise the hidden depths explored in this immersive text - it will be a treat for anyone fascinated by the Ocean’s underwater wonderland.” - Susan Penny


Annabel’s silly, unique style and fun characters match well with a story about the silliness of Ladino.” - Sarah Thomas


“I adore Dave’s bright, vibrant colors and the way his art can breathe life into even a Robot!” - Sarah Thomas


Nanette’s characters and soft colors were the perfect choice to bring life to this story of intergenerational friendship.” - Sarah Thomas


Debby has a wonderful history working with Capstone on ALI THE GREAT and we’re excited to see her celebrate diverse holidays with the adorable and relatable characters in the new YASMIN series. Can’t to see these brought to life! - Emily Fernandez

To work with any of the featured artists, get in contact here.

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