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Earth Day: How Bright Artists Are Celebrating & Earth-y Titles!

last updated 22 April 2022


After what seemed to be one of the longest winters, Earth Day is very timely this year. As tulips begin to bloom and pastels paint our planet, we are celebrating all the wonderful parts of her! This Earth Day, we had the chance to sit down with some of our earth-conscious artists and hear more about their hopes for the future of our planet. Also, look at some Bright Reads centered on taking care of the Earth, as well as some illustrations of the beauty that makes her so wonderful to call home! Enjoy.

Artwork by David Litchfield

our other mother #1

Artwork for the 2021 Our Other Mother campaign by Bright Artists Devin McSherry & Emma Trithart

The Earth is our home, but also to every living creature on it! From the smallest insect to the Blue Whale, we are responsible for looking after this wonderful planet so all these creatures (and ourselves!) can live happily. After all, there’s no Planet B! Thinking about your household waste and what you plant in your garden are some things you can do to lend a hand. - Becca Hall

our other mother #2

More from the 2021 Other Mother campaign illustrated by Ria Maria Lee & AJ Smith

Becca Hall continued… Recycle what you can, and plant some bee friendly plants, like lavender or fox gloves, in your garden! Being a surfer, I’m also very aware of the pollution that washes up on our shores. If you’re ever at the beach and see some plastic or fishing nets that have washed up, why not pick it up and pop it in a bin so it doesn’t end up hurting our precious sea life?

Katie's Covers

It can be overwhelming to work out how we can make a difference on our own, but individually we can use our own skills and interests to make changes, both small and big, and all of these actions will contribute towards positive change. I’m inspired by the fact that tiny little ants are so important within their own ecosystems, and how they work together! For me, being environmentally conscious is a journey, sometimes it is easy to make good choices for our planet, but other times it is harder. The biggest change that I personally have made is to avoid fast fashion, but something that I know I need to work on is driving less! - Katie Rewse

Katie illustrations

Katie’s illustration of an ant ecosystem

our other mother #3

Some more artwork from the 2021 Other Mother campaign by Sonya Abby & Kyle Beckett

My favorite place on Earth is the sea! My background is in marine mammals, specifically their DNA and evolutionary history, so you will see them often in my artwork. During my time researching dolphins in the Middle East, I once came across a baby calf whose tail was trapped in some abandoned fishing gear. This was a reminder of how our rubbish can have a direct impact on wildlife. The dolphin was able to swim at the surface, but it couldn’t dive as quickly as the rest of it’s family. I didn’t think there was much I could do, and came across the group a couple more times during my fieldwork. - Howard Gray


Howard Gray continued… The last time I saw it, I fashioned a big makeshift hook out of an old fishing rod I had handy and managed to use it to snag the fishing gear from a distance. I pulled the calf alongside our little boat, much to the distress of the calf’s mother who was furiously circling around us. Working quickly, I used a knife and cut the dolphin completely free of the fishing gear! What happened next was spectacular as the whole group porpoised away in an excited frenzy. Thankfully, I managed to catch a glimpse of the calf as it leapt clean out of the water.

The most effective way to help promote change is by staying educated and living a conscious lifestyle, this mainly focuses around food and items but can also reflect onto where we promote positive energy. Examples of this are writing to local councils, working for companies that support an environmentally friendly future, supporting important charities and if possible going to peaceful protests. - Tilia Rand-Bell

Earth friendly titles…

David's Covers

Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years, illustrated by David Litchfield // Macmillan

Ocean! Waves for All, illustrated by David Litchfield // Macmillan

Our Planet! There’s No Place Like Earth, illustrated by David Litchfield // Macmillan

Lady Bird Johnson - Ginnie Hsu

Lady Bird Johnson, That’s Who!, illustrated by Ginnie Hsu // Henry Holt & Co.

Bright is celebrating Earth Day…

Discover how Bright Education is celebrating our planet!

Robbin Campaign

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Thanks so much for reading all about how Bright is celebrating this Earth Day! Check back each month for monthly blog posts about our lovely artists, and how they came to shine so bright. Click here to get in touch!

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