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Our Work: Recent Projects

14 October 2021

Our talented artists have been working on some exciting projects recently, bringing our clients’ visions to life! This week we’re sharing a selection of the new live projects that we just can’t get enough of.

Highway to Helvetica

07 October 2021

When it comes to typography, our artists have it covered. Check out this selection of inspirational quotes, cheeky puns and bold type - there were so many great pieces, I just wish I could have fit them all in! For the full collection, send an email to Nicky Lander here.

Y2K Nostalgia

05 October 2021

This week on the blog, we’re bringing you some nostalgic artwork inspired by the era of Y2K! Keep scrolling for some fun and colourful throwbacks and take a trip to the year 2000…

Introducing Kitty O'Rourke

05 October 2021

Kitty O’Rourke is a Manchester-based illustrator and graphic designer with a passion for vibrant colours and playful characters. Her style is designed to be eye-catching and fun, and is often inspired by sunny weather and people watching.

Cindy Kang for Therapy Toolkit

16 September 2021

Cindy Kang’s phenomenal illustration work can now be seen in Linn Martinsen’s Therapy Toolkit: Sixty Cards for Self-Exploration, which has been published by Laurence King Publishing. The toolkit features sixty beautiful illustrations, split into 4 different categories (Experiences, Emotions, Relationships and Childhood) that allow the user to engage with and reflect on their experiences and help begin a therapeutic self-exploration, all designed by experience therapist Linn Martinsen.


14 September 2021

More than ever we are thankful for our families, friends and partners, so this week we’re celebrating relationships in all their forms! Keep scrolling for some artwork inspired by the people who make the little moments special…

Creative Cover Art

09 September 2021

Our artists take centre stage with this wonderful collection of creative cover art - some beautifully commissioned pieces, some fabulous fan art and others created purely from within their imaginations!


02 September 2021

Anywhere & everywhere; we all want to get out and see all we’ve been missing. This week we have put together a selection of artwork from our illustrators inspired by the desire to see the world and the excitement of the freedom to come!

Artist Focus: Nastka Drabot

15 July 2021

Nastka is a Polish illustrator and graphic designer who is known for her striking vector illustrations. Her recent clients include Vogue Poland and Serif. Nastka’s eye-catching style is influenced by her background in architectural engineering and her love of contrasting colours.

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