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Nelly Edwards is a giant-haired, spectacularly middle-aged artist, situated in the leafy armpit of the UK’s finest countryside.

When Nelly was little she dreamt of being Miss Marple, a champion show-jumping horse, Mildred Hubble or an artist. Luckily for her, it seems at least one of those dreams actually came true, and she’s very glad she’s not a champion show-jumping horse, as she just doesn’t have the knees for it.

It’s fair to say that 99.9% of Nelly’s life is based around art. Whether sticking tiny bits of paper to other slightly-bigger bits of paper, getting covered in glue/glitter and/or paint, she will be coming up with some new and unusual way to make her art fun and unique.

Nelly has a distinctive style, using her hand-printed papers to make traditional collages, then combining them with watercolour, pencil crayons or digital embellishments to make them pop!

Nelly’s wish list of future clients’ is two sides of A4 paper long so if a driven, dedicated, ambitious, hard-working artist is your thing, then she’s your huckleberry.

Nelly is represented by Alex Gehringer — to work with her please email Alex

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