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Flavia Sorrentino

Flavia Sorrentino lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Rome, where she grew up.

She loves her city and the figure of speech, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, which inspires her each day to seek new ways of communication and expression. She has worked hard on her technique which has taken her across the globe, from France to America and beyond! She has a true passion for Toulouse Lautrec, poetry, historical costume, typography, Tina Turner and tomato sauce!

Flavia Sorrentino is represented by Robyn Newton — to work with Flavia please email Robyn


Cover Artwork for Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel - The man with the twisted lip was selected for the 3x3 International Illustration Annual No. 19 as an honourable mention.

‘How to Be Brave’ was selected by the Society of Illustrators of New York in its 64th annual exhibition in the Book and Editorial categories.

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‘The Train to Impossible Places’ shortlisted for Independent Bookshop Week 2019 Book Award

World Illustration Awards 2018 — Nominated. An award by The Association of Illustrators.

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