Jennie Poh

Jennie was born in England and grew up in Malaysia (in the jungle). Pen and paper by her side at all times she loved drawing princesses and writing stories. At the age of ten she moved back to England and trained as a ballet dancer. After failing her art A-level Jennie decided the art world was definitely for her so she studied Fine Art at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design as well as Fashion Illustration at Central St.Martins. Illustrating is the reason she gets washed and dressed in the morning. She loves drawing quirky beautiful girly stuff and works with ink, watercolour, collage, origami paper, pencils and usually ends up wanting to bash her computer.

Jennie lives in Surrey with her gorgeous boyfriend and works as a freelance illustrator. As well as illustration her other passions in life are cooking, her pink dressing gown, cats, hedgehogs, making jewellery, Kung Fu Panda, Christmas, books, Harry Potter, new sketchbooks, doing her boyfriend’s washing, magical days, holidays, cafes, Diptique candles and milky tea.

Jennie’s clients include Stripes Publishing, Usbourne, Capstone, and many more.


” The stories are simple, and the fairies are frequently indistinguishable as characters, but the full-color artwork’s cheery palette and use of textures and patterns, as well as the friendly, rounded animal forms and spindly fairies, hold great appeal.

An aesthetically pleasing fairy-fix.” — Kirkus Review for ‘Superfairies’ by Janey-Louise Jones, illustrated by Jennie Poh.

“Though Herbie is unquestionably an adorable hedgehog, Poh deftly captures a child’s mixed feelings about separation and exploration. She reminds young readers that separation from loved ones does not mean being forsaken. The story’s autumn backdrop mirrors Herbie’s transition into independence as he enters the world with curiosity. Poh’s lively illustrations sweep readers into the young hedgehog’s exciting adventure, and though they reveal that Herbie’s imagination is a little grandiose, they also deeply respect his burgeoning autonomy.

A charming story that explores a child’s newfound independence.” — Kirkus Review for ‘Herbie’s Big Adventure’ by Jennie Poh.

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