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Valentina Fontana

Valentina is an Italian artist who loves to bring stories to life. Each story brings emotions and feelings and she loves focusing on them and looking for the best way to express them through her drawings. Being able to arouse emotions in those who look at her drawings is what led her to decide that she wanted to work in visual arts. It’s like having a “main mission”, filling the world with beautiful things, giving people positive emotions, making them dream and realize that emotions are what connects all of us. She studied art in Florence and then she never stopped taking the opportunity to study and learn new things. She works digitally and traditionally and loves mixing techniques and experimenting, as to always find new and magical ways to tell stories. The inspiration comes from what surrounds her, starting from her son as she tries to see the world through his eyes. She then looks at every object seeking for its hidden story and finally, she illustrates it with the aim of making children dream and adult excited.

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