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Samantha Chaffey

I’ve been with Bright a few months- they’re a great bunch. I’m developing lots of new work (or trying as you guys keep getting me commissions!)

I’m a Pisces mermaid born in 1967 and apparently drew before I could talk. I think I’m really lucky to do something I love for a living, infact I’m still waiting for everyone to find out I’m just a big kid still playing with paints and not a ‘proper’ artist at all!

What am I like? A mass of contradictions! I’m shy but mischevious, complicated but simple. I love anything magical or sacred. I’m a huge softee whose known to even cry at adverts but I’m also incredibly naughty!

I only feel at home when living by the sea, I love walking on the beach with my wonderful dog, Hamish, swimming in the sea, beachcombing for driftwood and shell treasures.

I cook like an Italian Mama, love snuggles in pyjamas by the fire, doing collages, daydreaming, clean sheets, adventures, stargazing, boots, jeans, the list is endless. Life is full of so much great stuff!

Most of all I hope I always stay curious, open hearted, compassionate and willing to be wrong.

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