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Polona Lovšin

Polona Lovšin has always been drawn to projects that express her artistic creativity, particularly those that make life’s difficult moments, such as separation or death, more accessible to children. Inspired by her older brother’s drawing ability, she developed a fascination for detailed and character-rich illustrations, often losing herself in them for hours.

She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and later, inspired by the birth of her first daughter Emma, decided to become an illustrator. Polona’s illustrations maintain a painterly touch, combining strong strokes with intricate details, a play of colour combinations, light, and shadows.

With each book, Polona learns something new and enjoys exploring. Her extensive collection of picture books from around the world continues to inspire her. Illustration is her passion, helping her connect with her inner child. Her work is further inspired by her two daughters and two playful corgis.

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