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Leo Trinidad


A New York Times Bestseller - Graphic Books & Manga

Leo Trinidad is a NY Times Bestselling comic book artist, illustrator and animator from Costa Rica. For more than 12 years he’s been creating content for children’s books and TV shows.

Leo is known for being the creator of the first animated series ever produced in Central America, an outstanding achievement that led him to the foundation of Rocket Cartoons, one of the most successful animation studios in Latin America.

In 2018 he won the first place in the Central American Graphic Novel contest, organized by the French Alliance of Costa Rica, this being an important point in his career in comics and graphic novels.

Leo is always bouncing between children’s books, animation and comics, and his work is constantly developing with a strong focus on storytelling. Moved by his love for good books, his wife and his little girl Emma, Leo is ready for the next challenge and always hungry to create strong stories and fun characters.

Leo is represented by Alex Gehringer — to work with him please email Alex

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