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Eszter Miklós

Eszter Miklós is a Hungarian illustrator based in Transylvania, Romania. She is a self-taught digital illustrator, mainly working in Procreate. Eszter has had a passion for drawing since she was a kid. Being surrounded by the magical folktales and Transylvanian culture continues to influence her work. Eszter has a bachelor’s degree in Hungarian and English Literature from the Faculty of Letters, University Babeș-Bolyai. Her passion for literature has profoundly shaped her artistic journey, helping her to illustrate fictional characters and bring stories to life.

Eszter’s happy place is found at her art-filled desk, surrounded by her favorite children’s books, savoring a cup of coffee, while her cat nestles cozily in her lap. She also finds joy in exploring new destinations, armed with her trusty iPad, so she can create while on the move. Eszter’s past clients include Linguacious, Koinónia, Cukibo, Szalay Könyvek, and multiple self-published authors.

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