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Hannah Clair for Lagunitas Brewing Company

last updated 06 July 2021

hannah clair bright agency illustration lagunitas brewing company

Hannah Clair is a Welsh artist currently based in Plymouth who loves working with vibrant colour and fun characters. She enjoys working on a variety of projects, from art direction to moving images, and across a wide range of concepts.

Recently, Hannah created a set of GIFs for Lagunitas Brewing Company to be used across their social media. Read on to find out more about the project and Hannah’s process…

hannah clair illustration art Lagunitas Brewing the bright agency

stills of the Lagunitas GIFs by Hannah Clair

What did you enjoy most about working on this project?

I love the branding for Lagunitas Brewing Company, it’s colourful and engaging, and this made it really fun to work on the project as I was incorporating their logo and designs into the GIFs. The client was really great to work with, and as the final pieces are being used as stickers on social media platforms like instagram stories, it’s really cool to see people interact with the artwork and use it in their posts!

Hannah Clair for Lagunitas from Bright Illustration on Vimeo.

What was your creative process in responding to the brief?

After reading the brief I put together a style frame for each GIF before creating some roughs to give an idea of movement. We then fine-tuned the designs and I was ready to work on the final moving images! One of them didn’t work as well as the others so I pitched two new ideas, and we created the new Maximus GIF.


Rough Maximus design

hannah clair illustration lagunitas brewing company the bright agency

Final Maximus design

What’s your favourite thing to illustrate?

I like an interesting concept to work with, especially if there are characters involved. I love it when I get to tell a story and make something that will connect with the viewer, or something colourful and “feel good”, like this! GIFs are always really fun to create.

Hannah Clair - Early Bird from Bright Illustration on Vimeo.

GIF by Hannah Clair

Why, as an artist, is it important to have a creative community around you?

It’s become more apparent with recent events that having a creative community is really important. I often seek advice and support from fellow creatives, and return the favour when needed. Sometimes another artist will catch something you didn’t, or have a great suggestion to help you improve a piece. The support you get from other creatives is invaluable.

hannah clair illustration art the bright agency

A selection of work from Hannah Clair

Hannah Clair is represented by Helen Biles — to work with Hannah please get in touch. You can see more of Hannah’s work in her portfolio here.

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