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Hannah Clair

Hannah Clair was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, but grew up on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey in North Wales, and elements of her scenic upbringing are often seen in her work, in the vibrant colours used or in the settings of the pieces.

Having always had an avid interest in human nature and psychology, and with a natural ability to read people and understand the way they tick, much of Hannah’s work is informed by her own experiences or observations of human interaction, relationships and the intimate individuality of the human experience in general.

From a very young age Hannah would lose herself in drawing, telling stories and expressing her inner world on the paper, which eventually led her to a degree in Illustration with Animation at the Manchester School of Art. Hannah enjoys creating work that appears traditional in medium, and has found that through working with procreate she can achieve this, while also having the creative freedom to work in a way that allows her to develop the work as quickly as it evolves in her mind.

She enjoys losing herself in the work, creating emotive pieces that speak to the audience on a personal level, evoking emotional responses and telling a story without words.

Hannah Clair is represented by Helen Biles — to work with Hannah please email Helen

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