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Be Kind To Your Mind

last updated 15 July 2021

Be Kind To Your Mind

title Lucy Fleming

Our minds are phenomenal but, much like our bodies, they need the opportunity to relax and rest. By being mindful and observing our emotions, our successes and our stressors, we help our mind process and heal.

Here’s a chance to give your mind a moment’s pause while looking through this collection of beautiful picture book artwork that helps remind us to take a pause and check in with ourselves.

title Kübra Teber

title Fiona Woodcock

title Lexie Mac

title Hannah Tolson

title Tony Neal

title Clive McFarland

title Izzy Burton

title Mark Chambers

title Rosie Butcher

title Beatrice Blue

title Richard Jones

title Amy Jindra

title Hannah Peck

title Paddy Donnelly

title Angel Chang

title Diane Ewen

title Jack Viant

title Nia Gould

title Eve O’Brien

title Debby Rahmalia

title Holly Sterling

title Laura Hughes

title Kiersten Eagan

title Sarah Jennings

title Ashling Lindsay

title Greg Stobbs

title Nabila Adani

title Yas Imamura

title Paul Kellam

To work with these artists, please get in touch. You can see more from Bright Children’s here.

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