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Nabila Adani

Nabila originally studied Industrial Product Design in Bandung Institute of Technology earning her degree in 2013, yet found her way into illustration later in life. She briefly worked as product designer in Japan and Indonesia before moving to the United States with her husband.

Compared to Indonesia’s tropical climate, Indiana was very cold, and far from her family and friends. It was also very quiet. She looked for something that could warm her spirits and rediscovered book collecting. Already a big collector back in Indonesia, her friend sent her a children’s book for her birthday. It was a book about young Henri Matisse and it instantly reminded her of how much she loved drawing and her passion for storytelling as a child. She then tried to write her own story, and illustrated it. It was about a Cat who was a farmer and it was awful, yet her husband found it very funny, and she found great joy in the process. From there, she began drawing again and kept up the habit. The following summer, she enrolled in seasonal continuing studies in the School of Arts Institute in Chicago for Children’s Illustration.

Now, moving back to Jakarta she’s doing what warms her heart the most, illustrating and telling stories.

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