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Back to School

last updated 07 September 2021

With summer drawing to a close thoughts turn to kids heading back to school. It may be the first day for some, others returning for another school year or the big step to university and moving into student digs.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the designs below or if you have a new project you are working on and would like me to send a selection of designs.

title Andy Passchier

title Anya Kuvarzina

title Martha Bowyer

title Christine Gore

title Chester Bentley

title Bryony Clarkson

title Penny Bell

title Octavia Bromell

title Jade Orlando

title Suzanne Washington

title Juliana Motzko

title Melanie Demmer

title Pippa Ellison

title Samantha Neville

title Emily Balsley

title Dotty Lottie

title Sarah Long

title Amy Harris

To work with any of the featured artists, get in contact with Jo Astles here.

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