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Introducing Bright's China Division

last updated 19 September 2019


The Bright Agency makes its China venture official! Realising the enormous potential of the market and capitalising on the palpable love that Chinese children have for reading and how greatly reading is supported, this decision has not only been pivotal, but enormously exciting in Bright’s next phase of growth. Bright MD and Founder, Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, and Lucie Luddington, Senior Education Agent and Head of the new China Division, attended the Shanghai International Book Fair in November 2018, and in under a year, a strong client base has built daily momentum.


Bright visits the Beijing International Book Fair in August 2019

Bright is anticipating growth in fiction, non fiction, trade, commercial, and educational titles whilst at all times remaining mindful of the most resonant themes and beloved styles in China today. Additional priority will be placed on retelling Chinese classics.


Lucie Luddington and Ilaria Vigilante at the Beijing International Book Fair

Further development of this business took the team to Beijing in August. Now with the additional support from Susan Penny, Children’s Illustration Agent, and Ilaria Vigilante, Agent Assistant and a fluent Mandarin speaker, each member of this power team is focused on offering publishers the opportunity to commission and work directly with Bright’s extensive roster of world-class creative talent. The team is already working not only to create relationships between artists and publishers, but also developing original concepts and author/illustrated titles with the first publication in simplified Chinese.


Lucie and Ilaria will return to China for the Shanghai International Book Fair in November this year, and greatly look forward to further cementing the relationships as well as introducing artists and authors to new houses. Here’s to many more Bright times in China!



English Translation: We’ve been very happy to attend the Beijing International Book Fair: the fair was a place rich in opportunities and possibility to promote cultural exchange.

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