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Luke Seguin-Magee

Growing up, I read a lot of comics and watched a lot of 70’s cartoons. After reading and watching, I would spend a good deal of time doodling characters and making up goofy stories for myself. I’d get a laugh out of my family, especially my little sister.

Later in life, I studied fine art in Canada and multimedia design in Denmark. For the next 20 years I designed, made graphics, illustrations and animations for computer games, websites and apps for a wide range of clients in Denmark, Canada and USA. I did this as a freelancer, an employee and an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, I also made an entire virtual world for kids. When that didn’t pan out, I decided I’d go back to my roots — back there at the breakfast table — and create characters and stories for picture books, comics and single illustrations.

So, that’s what I do now.

I begin everything I do with a pencil sketch on paper, and then finish it off on the computer.

I like double espressos, wearing a straw hat while writing, chopping firewood, pretending I can make music on my Cavaquinho, imagining I’m a sports car racer, entertaining my kids by drawing doodles and acting like a goofball — and riding my bike.

A bit of an Internationalist, I hail from Montreal, Canada, reside in Copenhagen and Stockholm, love vacationing in Italy and dig French stuff.

I have a lovely wife and four children — ranging in age from 6 to 22.

Presently my studio is a desk in the corner of our living room, but I imagine it to be my backyard shed, at the end of a very long footpath, perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean. I sit there all day with my small imaginary friends (Imagineers) telling stories, doodling and wondering what to make for lunch.

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