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Yas Imamura: Information Book Award

last updated 24 November 2023

In a significant achievement, Yas Imamura, a brilliant illustrator based in Portland, has secured a notable victory at the School Library Association’s Information Book Award 2023. Her captivating illustrations in The Big Book of Mysteries not only secured the 8-12 category win, but also earned the overall Children’s Choice win.

Now in its eleventh year, the award is dedicated to recognising outstanding non-fiction literature that enriches school libraries. Notably, the Children’s Choice category empowers young readers to cast their votes for their favorite books, adding an interactive and engaging dimension to the literary celebration.


The Big Book of Mysteries illustrated by Yas Imamura, written by Tom Adams, published by Nosy Crow, offers a thought-provoking exploration of over 100 real-life mysteries, ranging from the legendary Loch Ness to extraterrestrial encounters. Yas’ artistic brilliance, evident in the book’s striking neon cover and compelling case studies, transforms it into a captivating literary journey.

Residing in Portland, Yas Imamura stands out as an illustrator with a penchant for elevating projects, having collaborated with renowned entities such as Anthropologie and Sanrio. Yas’ playful and quirky style, imparts a distinctive charm to The Big Book of Mysteries.

Yas’ triumph extends beyond personal success; it symbolizes a commendation of the profound impact of art and storytelling. The Big Book of Mysteries transcends its status as a mere book; it serves as a gateway to a realm of wonders meticulously crafted by Yas Imamura’s exceptional talent. Let us applaud Yas for the enchantment she brings to the realm of children’s literature!

Yas’ agent, Susan Penny Commented “Yas’ ability to play with colour and light to create mood and atmosphere is exquisite. Each carefully considered illustration in this book is a powerful companion to the mysterious stories – her art pulls the reader in ever deeper while still leaving space for minds to wander. It’s marvellous that this book can now be read by children in 8 languages across 11 territories - far may it continue to travel, and enchant.”

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