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Vegetable Gardening Wisdom | Harriet Popham for Storey

last updated 09 April 2019


Bright artist Harriet Popham combined her passion for pattern design and illustration with her family’s farming background in the beautiful artwork for this pocket-sized lifestyle book Vegetable Gardening Wisdom - Daily Advice and Inspiration for Getting the Most From Your Garden published by Storey.

This handy guide, written by master gardener Kelly Smith Trimble, provides bite-sized information on everything from gardening and cooking, to reducing kitchen and garden waste, and quotes from other gardening gurus, chefs and authors, offering guidance and creative ideas.

Harriet’s refined illustrations are woven throughout the book - her trademark intricate line art and bright pops of colour bringing to life luscious garden scenes, fresh leafy patterns and clusters of vegetables. Both delicate and striking, the designs capture the joy of vegetable gardening and the nourishment to be found in growing the food you eat.

title Interior artwork by Harriet

Harriet Popham

“I thoroughly enjoyed this project - vegetables are one of my favourite things to draw and creating it all with the traditional use of dip pen and ink was a really satisfying way to work. It meant that 90% of the time I was working on paper not screen which makes a nice change.

“I often bought vegetables to draw from life and I based one of the scenes on my parents garden.”

title Early sketches of vegetables and one of the finished designs

“The team at Storey publishing were really supportive and helpful - they provided a clear brief but also very much embraced and were open to what I might bring to the project.

“I think the whole concept of the book is great, Kelly has written it in a way that makes growing your own veg feel really achievable. She has inspired me to grow some in my little garden at home!”

title Work-in-progress and cover art by Harriet

Kelly Smith Trimble

“This book is meant to draw readers who might be a little afraid of growing food but who want to learn, so the artwork needed to be fun, colorful, and engaging while also being informative. Harriet’s illustrations hit all those marks and really bring the gardening tips and ideas to life. I love that her style gives a slight nod to vintage aesthetic but is otherwise completely fresh, modern, and individual — it’s a style all her own. I think that will really make a difference toward attracting a new and younger audience to gardening.

“I want younger readers to feel like gardening is something they can do now, not something they have to wait until they’re older or retired or more knowledgable to do. I know that the cover and illustrations will be the first things readers see when they pick up this book, and I am so grateful that Storey Publishing and The Bright Agency found Harriet to bring it all to life.’

To see Harriet’s portfolio, please click here.

To work with Harriet, please contact Helen Biles.

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