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The Writing's on the Wall | Migy Blanco for Pinterest

last updated 20 June 2018


Hugely talented hand-lettering artist and illustrator, Migy Blanco was commissioned via LA-based design company Struck Inc to rejuvenate the interior working environment of one of Pinterest’s US bases with an exclusive and entirely unique mural.

The brief, almost infographic in nature, was to create a map of the US using data gathered by Pinterest to illustrate the most pinned foods for each state.

The ‘catalogue of ideas’ ethos, promulgated by the pin-board-style photo-sharing app company, is brilliantly represented through the artist’s highly detailed illustration: Migy’s work incorporates the vast sweep of the States, in all its diverse and eclectic glory, with swirling, expressive typography and humourous illustrative touches throughout. A cool blue palette lends the design a calm aspect in counterpoint to the exuberant, free-hand line work and abundant content - a perfect visual balance for the function of the space it inhabits.

Composite of Pinterest wall

Photos courtesy of Pinterest: Artwork by Migy Blanco.

View Migy Blanco’s full portfolo online, or contact Bright Illustration’s Fiona Kenny to discuss commissioning.

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