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The Annual Bright Artists Picnic 2017!

last updated 11 July 2017

This year we were blessed with glorious weather, perfect for a very serious game of rounders, umpired by our man of the match, James Burns, who flew over with Anne Moore-Armstrong from the states, something we look forward to each summertime.

We love an excuse to party at Bright, and the annual summer picnic is one of our favourite events, held each year for our artists — a wonderful way for us to meet in person, and particularly for those artists and team members new to the fold.

Artists at the picnic

Ollie Cuthbertson, Bright Art Licensing Agent, Fiona Kenny and Jennie Poh; Teemu Juhani, US Agent James Burns and UK Agent Nicky Lander, Bright Art Licensing Agents Hannah Curtis and Amanda Pike; US Creative Agent, Anne Moore Armstrong, MD Vicki Willden-Lebrecht and Daniel Duncan.

Artists and agents at the picnic

Amanda Pike with Nicky O’Byrne; Chris Chalik and Maxime Lebrun.

Artists and agents

Marketing coordinator, Lucy Mayer with Lily Lazuli; Agent Arabella Stein with Chris Chatterton; the Bright girls! Artist Coordinator, Freddie Dawson, Bright Art Licensing Agent, Fiona Kenny and Portfolio Curator, Sophia Ward.

Artists and agents

Bright has blossomed over the last year, with new babies, and new team members! Left to right: Amanda Pike and family, Vicki Willden-Lebrecht with baby Harry, and introducing Captain, with Nicky Lander.


Sebastien Braun, Nicky O’Byrne and Jake McDonald.

The Rounders Match


Umpire, James Burns; Team Bright Artists Grrrr… (show us what you’re made of) Vs (man of steel) Director of Finance, Eamonn O’Domhnaill … Grrrr!


In bat: Chris Chatterton; Ben Mantle; Daniel Duncan…. Pow, Pow POW!


In bat: Teemu Juhani and Tony Neal


Educational Agent, Lucie Luddington scoring a home run for team Bright! In bat: Vicki Willden-Lebrecht.


Anne Moore-Armstrong reading to Jorge Martin and Teemu Juhani.

group picture

Thank you everyone for a fantastic picnic! We had a whale of time and hope you did too! For those who couldn’t make it this time, we missed you and hope to see you at the next event… dare I say it… the Bright Christmas party…

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