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Seb Braun's Creative World

last updated 24 June 2019


Internationally renowned and beloved Bright artist Seb Braun kindly allowed us to take behind-the-scenes peek into the world of his creative work - from the bright studio filled with his creations, to the inspiration that has guided him since childhood, it is a delightful insight into the life and imagination that has brought so many treasured children’s books to life.

What drew you to illustrate for children?

I have always felt a deep connection with the world of children. The older I get the fonder I am of the playfulness and innocence of 3 to 7-year-old children. Unsurprisingly, the birth of my first child provided plenty of inspiration. These days I look after a colony of Beaver Scouts which keeps me tuned in.


Were you artistic as a child? Where did the creativity all begin?

I loved making my own toys, I have precise memories of me in the kitchen, hammering nails on a bit of plywood to make a boat. I found some copper wire to make the railing…

title Spinderella - illustrated by Seb Braun, written by Julia Donaldson, Look and Say What You See in the Town - illustrated by Seb Braun, Noah’s Noisy Night - illustrated by Seb Braun, written by Maria Correa

What’s your creative process?

I run, I think while running, back to the studio I sketch, I email, I wait for feedback, I sketch, I artwork, and it starts all over again.


Where do you do your best creative work?

Always, always in my studio surrounded by my creations.


What aspect of your job do you most enjoy?

I enjoy the creative start, when ideas are malleable, and many options possible. The final part is more challenging, as it needs to remain fresh, despite the constant tweaking that goes on. In French there is a word used to describe this final process: l’execution, a very scary word!


What were your favourite books as a child?

A German edition of Richard Scarry’s Busy Day. I still have it!

Why is being part of an agency important to you?

My agent is my Guardian angel, honestly… Being an Illustrator is a lonely profession at times.

title I Love My Baby - Sebastien Braun, Brave and the Fox - Illustrated by Sebastien Braun, written by Nicola Davies, I Love You Daddy Grizzle - Illustrated by Sebastien Braun, written by Mark Sperring

To view Seb’s full portfolio, click here.

To work with Seb please contact Arabella Stein.

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