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Olympic Fever

last updated 10 August 2021

As Tokyo 2021 draws to a close and we start looking ahead to the start of the Paralympics, we wanted to celebrate the success of an unprecedented – but oh so exciting – year for the Olympics.

The Games have raised issues of politics, mental wellbeing and inclusivity, and brought us moments of drama, camaraderie and joy, as well as uniting the whole world after a long separation. Perhaps, like us, it has even inspired you to take up something new (skateboarding has to be the coolest sport out there!).

Whether you are a fan of the Olympics or not, we hope you enjoy this thrilling collection of sporting artwork.

title Jen Taylor

title Federica Frenna

title Sarah Green

title Amanda Quartey

title Caroline Garcia

title Diego Funck

title Mark Chambers

title Sr. Sanchez

title Cindy Kang

title Aaron Cushley

title Vanja Kragulj

title Tiziana Longo

title Maarten Lenoir

title Maxine Hammen

title Ryan Ball

title Claudia Souza

title Isabel Muñoz

title Federica Nuccio & Roberta Vottero

title Jessica Secheret

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