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Meet the Agent | Lucie Luddington

last updated 18 April 2019


Lucie Luddington heads up Bright Educational, applying her 20 years of agenting experience to pair talented artists with fantastic projects and opportunities that take their career to the next level.

A force to be reckoned with, Lucie is known for going above and beyond as an agent, turning Bright Educational into one of the company’s largest, most successful divisions. Now going into its fifth year, Bright Educational is an established industry pioneer, with Lucie championing fresh, diverse, high-quality artwork and creating fantastic results globally.

Not only is Lucie passionate about elevating Bright’s artists, she is dedicated to changing the wider perception of educational illustration. Through her progressive portfolio, she is making waves in the industry and opening the eyes of both artists and clients to the great potential and artistic freedom of the platform,and, above all, the importance of bringing fresh, inspiring artwork to educational materials for children.

title Illustrations by Tika & Tata and Kim Barnes

“Meeting Lucie lit a roaring fire beneath me. She is so, so friendly, incredibly hard working and passionate about her work. I had two jobs lined up with Bright before I had even signed my contract. I have not looked back (I can’t there are deadlines to meet!). Before Bright, my career was a slow but steady turtle plodding along, now it is a dragster roaring down a highway. I feel part of a proper team now, with everyone pulling in the same direction. The future is Bright!” - James Hearne

At the heart of Lucie’s work, are people. Her passion is infectious and she has been spreading that enthusiasm internationally over the last few months at book fairs in London and Bologna, plus an epic US tour that covered six states in six days (!) showcasing her artists to our American clients. It is her ability to connect with others and share the knowledge and care for what she does that has been so pivotal in making Bright Educational such a fantastic success.

title Lucie with Bright artists Tika and Tata at Bologna Children’s Book Fair; Lucie celebrating at a book fair


“When I set out to train as an actor’s agent nearly 20 years ago, who knew that rather than The Bard and Wilde, I would end up working within the world of smiling crocodiles and jolly bears! May 2019 marks my ninth year with Bright, and my fifth year heading up the team at Bright Educational. I couldn’t be prouder!

“When speaking with friends, I have to remind myself that they may not have a job they love, as I do, and it is an occupational hazard! Committed to my artists and clients alike, the drive to be the best for all parties, and for the agency itself, never stops burning. As a result, I tend to talk about what I do, even when off duty! Hilariously, one of my artists reminded me, as I was writing this, that I was working out of hours – hours don’t figure when you love and are passionate about what you do.”

title Illustrations by Lisa Hunt and Gareth Conway

“When Bright MD, Vicki Willden-Lebrecht, first offered me the opportunity to build the educational division, I was keen that my purpose wasn’t only to find work for Bright’s artists. It was also to create a place in the industry where educational based projects would be acknowledged, and revered, as would the illustrators who won those projects. All too often, I heard the phrases, ‘oh, educational – isn’t it dull?’ and this drove my mantra from day one – to create artwork that both inspired and educated.

“On embarking upon building this division, I had about thirty artists who were keen to take the journey with me. They too could see beyond the box that educational illustration had been put in. In our minds, it wasn’t just about building the division, it was ultimately about creating beautiful books for children in education.

“For some children, the only books they have in their life are the ones they are given at school, so they deserve to have books that teach but also inspire.”

“We also need to remember the adults involved – the parents, carers and teachers. What chance do we stand if they are not inspired by these books?”

title Illustrations by Katie Rewse and Pauline Reeves

“At first, the industry was both surprised and a relieved that a division had been set up especially for this area and as word spread so did the commissions for our Bright illustrators. The range of global clients we now work with is extensive, and without their belief in us we would not be where we are now. As more artists began seeing educational as a platform that could provide them with regular work and lovely briefs, but also freedom to still be artful, more and more talent has been delighted to join me on my educational list.”

“It’s so rewarding to think that my illustrations will accompany some of the first stories that children read, especially if it encourages a love for reading and learning. I’m so grateful to Bright Educational for all the really fun projects I’ve got to work on over the past year!” - Paddy Donnelly

title Illustrations by Paddy Donnelly

“As educational does not try, or indeed need to, compete with trade, it has allowed growing picture book artists the opportunity to hone their craft whilst having regular commissions to keep their funds coming in. For others, those who I like to refer to as my ‘educational mavericks’, they are becoming known in their own right for providing a variety of brilliant educational books and as such, their reputations are growing on a daily basis! Furthermore, as our Bright Educational roster of artists grows so has our Bright Educational team in-house, all of whom share an equal passion for what we do.”

title Illustrations by Bryony Clarkson and David Shephard

“Having just returned from a tour of the States to visit my clients, and Robbin who manages the US educational division, the importance of what we do has never been clearer to me. With all the troubles in the world - the discontent about what people do or do not have - it is important that we start with the basics and create brilliant books for school children. I hope this will be a huge step in encouraging them to make a greater place for themselves in their future world.”

To contact Lucie to enquire about educational illustration or to discuss representation, click here.

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