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Meet the Agent | Ilaria Vigilante

last updated 14 September 2021

title Top Left: Alexandra Colombo // Bottom Left: Petronela Dostalova // Right: Jieting Chen

Ilaria worked as interpreter and mediator before joining Bright under Lucie Luddington (Senior Education Agent), working as point of contact between clients and artists. She loves to help artists achieve their best result and delivering the client wonderful pieces of art.

title Tika and Tata // Manuel Šubmerac // Tsai-Yi Huang

“I joined Bright in July 2019. From the very moment I saw the job offer, I knew this was the job for me. I had been working as a face-to-face interpreter and cultural mediator before, thanks to my studies in Chinese language, culture and history and my Italian heritage, but I’ve always strived to find a job that could bring together my skills alongside passion for books, stories and art.”

title Farah Shah // Julia Castaño

“At Bright, what we do is bring stories out in the light; we help creatives shape their imagination into characters and scenes, and then we help them share them all over the world: this is why I love my job.”

title Veronika Kotyk // Tika and Tata

“Since I joined Bright, I’ve been able to work with brilliant illustrators and creators, cultivating their talent in our newly born – and ever growing! – Chinese division. It’s great to be in touch with visionary and caring editors who want both to provide children with informative and useful educational tools, and to reach them with gorgeous artwork. They always drive the artists to give their best, even in the simplest project. It’s a challenge that fills everyday with briefs and feedbacks to translate, editors to get in touch with and discussions on how to best amend an illustration to get the desired effect.”

title Manuel Šubmerac // Oliver Averill

“What we have achieved so far makes me very proud to be part of Bright; from cute English dictionaries for young children; author-illustrated books about important themes like Existence and Evolution; funny dialogue books and flashcards; gorgeous non-fiction maps; puzzles and clothes pattern design… we are covering it all.”

title Paddy Donnelly // Brizida Magro

“It’s an honour to keep exploring our artists’ brightest possibilities in this big, big world, where everyone can be connected through a beautiful piece of artwork, despite distances and language boundaries.”

To contact Ilaria to enquire about Educational illustration, China projects or to discuss representation, click here.

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