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Love is...

last updated 14 February 2022

Romantic love, family love, hug love, friend love, self love, new love, old love. It’s enduring love, lifetime love, dinosaur love, fuzzy love, day-dream love. And not forgetting kite-flying love, cake love, bubble love, new arrival love, lost love and everything in between!

title Richard Watson

title Zoe Waring

title Olga Baumert

title Rachael McLean

title Berta Maluenda

title Chloe Dominique

title Debby Rahmalia

title Kim Ekdahl

title Flavio Remontti

title Jorge Garcia

title Rhiannon Archard

title Nadia Gunawan

title Katia Klein

title Petronela Dostalova

title Clara Reschke

title Sofia Moore

title Rachael and Phillippa Corcutt

title Bea Muller

title Sam Prentice

title Kaly Quarles

title Tommy Doyle

title Megan Higgins

title Jennifer Falkner

To work with any of the featured artists, get in contact with Robyn Newton, Amy Capelin or Edward Palmer.

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