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Little Lion Girl

last updated 27 June 2024

Under the bright, sunny skies of London on June 20th, a magical event took place at Waterstones, Gower St. The city roared with excitement as the talented duo Fiona Woodcock and Olivia Hope celebrated the launch of Little Lion Girl (Bloomsbury Children’s Books) with friends and family, and the whole team that brought the book to life.

Images from the launch

The book launch was a joyous occasion filled with speeches, laughter, and plenty of delicious treats.

Managing Agent Amy Fitzgerald commented: “Fiona and Olivia have created such a magical book about what it means to be brave and it has been wonderful to celebrate Lion Girl’s publication after years of hard work from them both and the wider team at Bloomsbury. Little Lion Girl at its heart is also a beautiful love letter to cities and exploration so it has been a joy to see Fiona & Olivia amplify Leonie’s roar across London and the rest of the country.”

Art from the book

This beautifully illustrated tale is a celebration of imagination and self-belief, perfectly captured by Fiona Woodcock’s vibrant artwork.

Fiona and Olivia signing books together

Little Lion Girl follows the adventures of Leonie and her mother as they explore the bustling city. Leonie, with her mane and tail, is ready to take on the world, finding inspiration in the people and sights around her.

Art from the book

Olivia and Fiona also teamed up with the Book Fairies to spread copies of Little Lion Girl across the UK. These books will bring unexpected joy to those who discover them, echoing the adventurous spirit of Leonie herself.

Book Fairies

Little Lion Girl is now available in bookstores

Click here to buy Little Lion Girl and let the adventure begin!

Animation by Maki Yoshikura

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