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LGBTQ+ T-Shirts | Colleen Larmour for My Karma Klub

last updated 24 January 2020

Bright Artist Colleen Lamour has partnered with My Karma Klub to design a range of cute and colourful t-shirts, as well as designing their distinctive rainbow logo. My Karma Klub was founded to give shoppers fashion statement pieces with a bit of a twist, and the t-shirts are sold at Pride events and online, with a portion of the sale going to LGBTQ+ charities.

We caught up with Colleen to find out how she got involved in the project and the story behind her aweseome animal designs…

title The Logo // Colleen wearing one of the t-shirts // One of the finished t-shirts

How did you first come across Chris and My Karma Club T-Shirts?

Chris, the founder, got in touch to tell me about My Karma Klub and his plans for creating some fun t-shirt designs and a new business logo using the LGBTQ rainbow colours. He really enjoyed my fun animal characters and thought they could be a perfect match for his tongue-in-cheek t-shirt slogans.

title Work in process sketches

Was there anything in particular that drew you to the project?

A few things! Chris sells the t-shirts at Pride events across the UK and Ireland with a portion of proceeds donated to an LGBTQ+ charity. This was something I was very happy to get on board with. I was also excited to design for clothing as it isn’t something I’ve done before and it has been nice working with a local Irish business start-up.

title Details from the t-shirts

What are some of the challenges of doing illustration for clothing?

The colour palette, scale and position of the illustration can be limited due to the printing costs and restrictions. All these things need factored into the initial designs. Sometimes that makes it easier as it narrows down options… Sometimes you want things to be rainbow coloured and the rules go out the window!

title Two of the final designs & work in process painting

Tell us about the inspiration behind the designs.

From the start Chris had clear slogans he wanted to use and for the designs to be fun and playful. Once we had settled on using a different animal for each slogan, I sketched up different interpretations of the slogans. I always enjoy that problem-solving element of creating one visual image to tell a story or carry across a message. It was interesting hearing from Chris and others which drawing they felt did the job best!

title The finished t-shirts and a final design // The t-shirts on sale at Bolton Pride

How does working with Bright help you on jobs like this?

This type of licensing project was new to me so having the support of an agent to negotiate a contract and offer advice was a brilliant help and allowed me to get on with the fun job of creating.

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